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Most inspections conducted by the Sterling Fire Department are performed in conjunction with the issuance of a Permit. Applications for permits can be filed at the Fire Prevention Office located on the first floor at the fire station. Once all of the appropriate forms have been submitted and fees collected an inspection may be scheduled and will be completed by the Fire Prevention Office. Application forms and reports are available upon request. All applications must be submitted with the correct Permit Fee.

The following activities are subject to the inspection requirements of the Sterling Fire Department. Click on the book icons to view the applicable codes:

View CodeBlasting May require paid fire detail 527 CMR 13.04(2&11); MGL c. 148 s. 13
View CodeView CodeView CodeBonfires – Ceremonial Requires paid fire detail 527 CMR 10.23; MGL c. 111 s. 142H/142I
View CodeView CodeBurning Christmas Trees May require paid fire detail 527 CMR 10.23; MGL c. 111 s. 142G
View CodeCannon and Mortar Firing State FP27c Form Site Visit Required 527 CMR 22.03
View CodeCompressed Natural Gas Storage 527 CMR 26.08
View CodeCutting and Welding $25.00 May require paid fire detail 527 CMR 39.04
View CodeExplosives or Black Powder Storage 527 CMR 13.04
View CodeView CodeFire Protection Equipment Installation/Alteration 527 CMR 10.03(15); MGL c.148 s. 27a
View CodeFire Protection System Installation/Alteration 527 CMR 10.03(15)
View CodeView CodeFireworks Display Requires paid fire detail 527 CMR 2.05;MGL c. 148 s. 39A
View CodeView CodeView CodeFlammable and Combustible Liquids 527 CMR 14.03, 15.04; MGL c. 148 s. 23
View CodeFlammable and Combustible Liquid (Under Ground Storage) FP292 MGL c. 148 s. 38A
View CodeFlammable Gases and Solids Storage $25.00 527 CMR 14.03
View CodeFuel Transfer Operations $25.00 527 CMR 5.08
View CodeFumigation and Insecticidal Fogging $25.00 527 CMR 10.06
View CodeHazardous Substances, Left Unattended $25.00 527 CMR 25.08
View CodeLimited Special Effects $25.00 527 CMR 2.09
View CodeLP Gas Storage Permits $25.00 527 CMR 6.08
View CodeOil Burner Permit / Inspection $25.00 Form 1 527 CMR 4.03
View CodeOil Tank Permit / Inspection $25.00 Form 1 527 CMR 4.03
View Code View CodeOpen Air Cooking Fires 527 CMR 10.22; MGL c. 48 s. 13
View CodeBrush Burning Permits (Open Burning) Open Burning (January 15 – April 30) DEP 310 CMR 7.07
View CodeOvens and Furnaces 527 CMR 10.19; NFPA 86-C/D
View CodeRubbish Containers Dumpster Permit (6 Cubic Yards or greater) 527 CMR 34.03
View CodeSalamanders 527 CMR 20.01
View CodeSmoke/CO Detector Inspection 26F Resale Certification 26F Re-Inspection due to noncompliance
View CodeSmoke/CO Detector Inspection / Occupancy
View CodeSpecial Seasonal Decorations 527 CMR 21.02
View CodeStorage, Combustible Material 527 CMR 10.03
View CodeView CodeTank Vehicles Parked Overnight 527 CMR 8.04/14.03
View CodeView CodeTanks and Containers 527 CMR 9.06; MGL c. 148 s. 38A
View CodeTar Kettles on Roofs 527 CMR 10.03
View CodeTorches and Heat Producing Devices 527 CMR 10.24
View CodeTransportation of Combustible Liquids State FP44 Form 527 CMR 8.04


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